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The final date for award consideration is TBD.

The first Litfest was held in Spring 2003, the first year of the Writers' House. Litfest is one of many projects that Writers' House has initiated over the years to recognize and support the undergraduate literary community at University of Maryland.

— Jiménez-Porter Literary Prize —

The Jiménez-Porter Literary Prize is an annual writing contest open to all University of Maryland undergraduates. Judges read the manuscripts after names of authors have been removed, to preserve anonymity. Notable judges in years past have included Kyle Dargan, Robert Girardi, Fady Joudah, Terese Svoboda, Rod Jellema, Ocean Vuong, Kathy MacMillan, Shara McCallum and Antonya Nelson.

— Cabrini Art Award —

The Cabrini Art Award is an art contest presented by Stylus for the first time in 2011. The Award winners are selected from a pool of submissions that the editors collectively vote on as finalists for the award. A judge then determines the three winners based on a point system meant to objectively score each piece of artistic merit. Previous judges have included Emily Conover.

— Stylus Cover Art Award —

The Stylus Cover Art Award is judged by the Art Editor, Editors-in-Chief and Layout Editor. The cover contest gives an artist the opportunity to have their artwork featured as the cover design for the journal. The choice for winner of the Stylus Cover Art Award is guided by the theme, tone, and mood of the issue's art and writing for that year.

All art submitted to Stylus for publication is considered for both the Stylus Cover Art Award and the Cabrini Art Award. No additional action is required on behalf of the art submitters to be entered into the contests.

2020 Winners

— Prose Awards —

First Round Judge: Ely Vance | Final Judge: Meg Eden

First Place: Chidinma Opaigbeogu “And the Water Called Her”
Second Place: Nina Holtz “The Giant”
Third Place: Amanda Bachman “A Less Preferable Alternative to Divorce”

— Poetry Awards —

First Round Judge: Emily Tuttle | Final Judge: Shevaun Brannigan

First Place: Ray Newby “Docility in Limbo” and "i've been meaning to write to you again/63.4 miles"
Second Place: Chidinma Opaigbeogu “I saw 'Quan at the Family Dollar last weekend”
Third Place: Caitlin Lee-Hendricks “Rape Poem Epilogue: for the Next One”

— 2020 Cabrini Art Award —

Judges: Marjorie Antonio, Camila Tapia, & Anjali Ravi

First Place: Alice Bi “outburst”
Second Place: Balbina Yang "After a Night of Coffee”
Third Place: Cassiel Arcilla “Waiting To Be Impressed”

2019 Winners

— Prose Awards —

First Round Judge: Jihan Asher | Final Judge: Hilary Plum

First Place: Audrey Widodo “The Lotus Flower”
Second Place: Erin Hill "Arizona 1978”
Third Place: Meredith Hale “No Returns”

— Poetry Awards —

First Round Judge: Rhea Ramakrishnan | Final Judge: Matthew Olzmann

First Place: Ray Newby “Dinner Party”
Second Place: Caitlin Lee-Hendricks “Ode to My Unwell”
Third Place: Charles O'Melia “Burial”

— 2019 Cabrini Art Award —

Final Judge: Emily Conover

First Place: Balbina Yang “Tipping Point”
Second Place: Jacy Zhang "Streetlights”
Third Place: Balbina Yang “A Popcorn Inside of a Stomach”

— Stylus Cover Art Award —

Shanshan Ji for “Wet”

2018 Winners

— Prose Awards —

Initial Reader: Emily Zido | Final Judge: Kathy MacMillan

First Place: Alexandra Kindahl “Smile”
Second Place: Madison Garey "How Not To Introduce Your Demon Boyfriend To Your Frat Bros”
Third Place: Matthew Town “Crybaby”

Finalists in alphabetical order: Olivia Braley for “SOFTENING,” Sona Chaudhary for “Inkle & Yarico Among the Stars,” Megan Conley for “Chicken Nuggets,” Christian Fuller for “The Weather Channel,” Carolina Meurkens for “Sundays with Oscar,” Katherine Montella for “Sunset,” Stephanie Moy for “Vacancy.”

— Poetry Awards —

Initial Reader: Mariya Zilberman | Final Judge: Shara McCallum

First Place: Megan Conley “love poem to tagalog or five days in the philippines”
Second Place: Caitlin Wilson “A Journal Entry”
Third Place: Kosi Dunn “A theory about nothing.”

Finalists in alphabetical order: Timmy Chong for “Royally Flushed,” Kosi Dunn for “Life Hacks or, 37.2 BILLION CELLS IN MY GODDAMN BODY AND MOM STILL ASKS IF I BEEN PRODUCTIVE,” Christian Fuller for “Homeschool Sex Ed,” Caitlin Lee-Hendricks for “A Lament to the Once Untouched,” Katherine Montella for “Handpicked Berries by the Lake,” Tayo Omisore for “International Players’ Anthem” and “Scouting Report: The Boy That Thought The Sunset Was A Football and Ran For It,” Kara Phillips for “Sea Creatures.”

— 2018 Cabrini Art Award —

First Place: Lei Yan “Pearls”
Second Place: Kari Gillman "Reflect”
Third Place: Elizabeth Langlois “Queen”

— Stylus Cover Art Award —

Sabah Rana for “Planes”

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